The Altar - Ray Boltz

The Altar

The service is nearing an end

The choir is singing, 'Just As I Am'

And now as the old song is played

People at the altar

Are kneeling down to pray


Some are finding mercy

Forgiveness for their sin

Some are fighting battles

And they're struggling to win


The time has come

To give them to the Lord

That's what the altar is for


That's what this altar is for

You don't have to carry

Those burdens anymore


There's a light in the darkness

There's a love that's true

And Jesus is waiting

He is waiting here for you


Go quickly now

Before they close the door

That's what the altar is for


A father is praying with his son

A mother kneels beside them

Thanking God they've come


An old man

Is standing there in tears

Giving up a part of him

That he's held back for years


Hearts are being broken

Lives are being changed

And those who call upon Him

Will never be the same


The time has come

To give in to the Lord

That's what this altar is for


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